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Little Blessings from Heaven Childcare Center was founded by Tyrone & Gwendetta McField. The center started originally as a summer camp program and later expanded to a full childcare facility offering services for children six weeks for four years old, as well as after-school care. In addition, after many prayers, LBFH K5 Academy was born. With the childcare facility and K5 Academy thriving, the McFields sought God to add more services to the elite services there were currently providing the community. Through hardwork, dedication, prayer, and faith, the once small summer camp program produced LBFH Academy which offers services for kindergarten through third grade. Little Blessings goals are to provide children, who are precious gifts from above, with the tools, skills, & equipment needed for success, a quality education in a stable environment, while providing parents with exceptional customer service.​


In Loving Memory of Albertine Lawson

November 1953 - November 2008

Meet the Inspiration of Little Blessings From Heaven  Childcare & Academy

"All the summers you spent playing school and grading false papers instead of playing outside has paid off. I'm proud of you."

Little Blessings From Heaven Childcare & Academy was inspired by a woman of virtue, dignity, honesty, integrity, loyalty, and most of all a heart for children & education. She is the mother of the facility's owner, Gwendetta McField. We dedicate our facility to her as she will forever live in our hearts.